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America Down syndrome

The things Savannah is accomplishing are what I choose to focus on! The milestones she hasn’t reached, will be mastered, just in her time.

Savannah began walking just a couple of weeks after her 2nd birthday. Some may look at the age in which she began walking and see that it was later than a typical child. I see that it was accomplished! She is talking now, not as productively as her peers, but she will! There is never a magical age for when one accomplishes anything, no matter if one has DS or not. If someone finishes college at the age of 65, should we frown upon them for accomplishing that milestone later in life? No! I will be one of the loudest cheerleaders for anyone who accomplishes a victory, especially when it comes to my children!

Let’s cheer one another along and love one another like our beautiful children seem to know how to do!”

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