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Image of Paressley


America Cerebral Palsy & Epilepsy

This is Pressley, she loves music has a major passion for dance. We opted for dance at the age of two in place of physical therapy. At that time, we had no idea that dance would turn into her driving force, her passion, and become her outlet to express herself. She smiles all of the time, but there is nothing that makes her beam like when she is dancing. Is she the the best in her class? No, but what sets her apart is her true passion for the art.

She plays three strings (beginner) guitar and the piano (music therapy). Music is a major part of her life and has been since she was in the hospital as a baby. She enjoys reading books and going to the the Library. Her favorite place to go is Disney to see the Princesses. Her favorite thing to do is attend ballet performances with the Nutcracker being her favorite. She dreams of going to Paris one day to eat at French bakeries, visit the Eiffel Tower and see the French Ballet. She is quite obsessed with this idea actually.

Pressley is always smiling, she chooses to smile despite the daily challenges she faces.

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