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Image of Finn


America Global Developmental Delay

Our precious boy Finn was born in 2012 with global developmental delays. While his delays require him to work extra hard to progress and improve, this is not who Finn is. Finn is gentle. Finn is patient. Finn is kind. Finn is humble. Finn is love. These words don't even fully describe our beautiful gift from God. Finn is like the most beautiful natural view you have ever taken in. He is hard to put into words, yet when you are with him you feel goodness. He is truly a beautiful human being.

Finn always attracts the attention of those around him. He is inviting and sweet natured so many strangers want to meet him and feel his sweet spirit. As a family, we honestly don't view Finn as having unique special needs that are any different than the unique challenges all humans face. We all are uniquely made and face unique circumstances in our lives. Finn is a beautiful testimony to how special every life is.

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