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America Dwarfism

Elli is a very typical 2.5 year old girl. She loves all things Mickey & Minnie and Elmo. She loves to read, color, keeping up with her two older siblings, going to the park and is currently learning how to ride a scooter.

Elli was born with achondroplasia, which is the most common form of dwarfism. When she was born we had little idea of what to expect... we were told her physical milestones would be delayed and they weren't (no one told her she couldn't, SO SHE DID). This defines Elli in a nutshell; she's going to do what she's going to do.

Elli may be small and the world may see her as incapable. But she is here to change the world and show them that amazing things come in small packages. She will grow to know her worth and that she can conquer anything she chooses to put her mind to.

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