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America Learning disabilities & language disorder

My name is Daniel Smrokowski and I was born premature and was diagnosed with learning disabilities and a severe language disorder. Communication is my biggest struggle but also my biggest passion. With help of speech and occupational therapy in my younger years and special education during my school years, I have been able to achieve a B.A. in Journalism from Roosevelt University in Chicago.

I am an award-winning veteran podcaster, columnist, and an acclaimed advocate telling disability stories.

I am the founder of Special Chronicles, a nonprofit media platform that, since 2008, gives respect and voice to people with special needs. I produce podcasts, columns, and news stories that reach over 127,000 viewers online. I also am an award-winning columnist covering special needs stories. Through SpecialChronicles.com, I’ve created a community of understanding, acceptance, and inclusion for people of all abilities.

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