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Image of Ava


America Ohdo Syndrome

Ava is 2 years old and she has OHDO Syndrome, but she doesn't let that define her. She may not walk, talk, or crawl but she has a personality as big as Texas!

She loves watching cartoons, playing with mom and dad, and riding in the car! She is starting to love on us back when we hug or kiss her!! Ava has been through so much in her short little life and faces many difficulties in life but she does everything with a smile on her face! She is seriously the happiest baby I've ever met!

Ava has brought such joy to our lives and she is our miracle baby. You can't help but fall in love with this sweet girl, she is such an inspiration to us! Her perseverance and determination are inspiring to everyone who meets her. Ava Shiann we love you more than you'll ever know my sweet girl!

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